Oral Medicine & Radiology

Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology

The Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology addresses the interface between General Medicine and Dentistry and involves history taking, clinical examination, diagnosis, investigations, radiographic examination and medical management of oral lesions. The speciality includes the patient care, teaching and research involving diagnosis and nonsurgical management of diseases of the orofacial region and systemic and behavioral disorders that impact oral health including Orofacial pain and temporomandibular joint disorders, oral mucosal diseases, oral malignancies and complications related to its therapy, salivary gland disorders, dental management of medically compromised patients and patients with disabilities. The department has good patient inflow with variety of oral lesions. The patient details and long term follow up records are well maintained. The special cases have been reported in the reputed national and International Journals.

Goals and Objectives

  • Patient care
  • State-of-the-art quality patient care while maintaining high ethical standards.
  • Academic
  • Create academic environment that promotes the intellectual and professional development of students and faculty to attain higher competency.
  • Develop clinical skills in students backed by sound evidence-based knowledge.
  • Research
  • Develop research programs that include clinical studies and evaluation of new scientific findings.
  • Pursue collaborative research strategies with other academic institutions and health-related bodies.

Key Features

  • Dentium Rainbow CBCT for diagnosis and research purpose with cephalogram.
  • Autoclaved instruments used for every patient and Universal infection control measures are followed during all clinical procedures.
  • Adequate radiation safety measures including the use of Lead Apron, lead partitions are adopted by operators as well as for patient during radiographic evaluation.
  • Total radiation absorption dose estimated every three month by use of TLD badges for all staff members (faculty and technician) who are exposed to radiation.
  • Seminar room is equipped with the LCD projector
  • Department also have intraoral camera, digital pulp testers , biopsy kits, sialography kit and automatic processors for Xrays.


  • Radiovisiography
  • Diagnostic kits for specific studies
  • Vital staining and Biopsy
  • Intra Oral Radiography Machine – Conventional and Digital
  • Extra Oral Radiography machine
  • OPG- Conventional and Digital
  • Intra-Oral Camera for patient education and records.
  • CBCT


S No.

Name of Faculty



Dr. Ujwala R. Newadkar

Professor & HOD


Dr. Khalekar Yogita J.

Sr. Lecturer


Dr. Gitanjali Khulbe

Sr. Lecturer


Dr. Rajput Sumedha A.

Sr. Lecturer


Dr. Anis Ahmed

Sr. Lecturer


Dr. Chavan Swapna S.

Sr. Lecturer


Dr. Swapnail D. Rajput

Lecturer BDS